Calling all Duranies! Call for submissions

  (Updated and Revised 2/28/15) If you’re a thirty to fifty-something, chances are you might have heard of a little band from Britain called Duran Duran. You couldn’t go to a magazine rack in the 1980’s without seeing Duran Duran on the covers of all the popular teen magazines...
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Adventure in Bonaventure [photography]

Bonaventure Angel with cross
  I took a mini-vacation this past week and went on a road trip down to the Charleston, SC area to visit family. While on this get-away, I decided to take a side trip to Savannah, Georgia to spend the first day of Spring wandering the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery, made famous by the 1997...
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Et Tu Brute? – Backstabbing Bee

  One of the most confusing and annoying things I’ve had to wrap my brain around since leaving the gritty and corrupt world of the strip club is how Queen Bee went from being my BFF to my enemy. I’ll never forget when Queen Bee and I first...
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Songs of Our Lives [mix tape]

love music of life
Music. It’s one of the many beautiful things in life that helps shape us into the people we are today.     Music is used to express emotions, define events in history, shape a culture and spread happiness and joy. A single song can transport you to times...
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Dating a Narcissist? [Indie Chicks]

dating a narcissist
  Ever wondered if the person you’re in a relationship with is a narcissist? Unfortunately, it is a lot more common than you might think… So you just might be! My latest article on Indie Chicks provides you with 6 tell-tale signs you just might be dating a narcissist!  Take...
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