Calling all Duranies! Call for submissions

  (Updated and Revised 4/25/15) If you’re a thirty to sixty-something, chances are you might have heard of a little band from Britain called Duran Duran. You couldn’t go to a magazine rack in the 1980’s without seeing Duran Duran on the covers of all the popular teen...
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First Day of School or Right Bus, Wrong Time

It’s that wonderful time of year again when most adults start to feel a bit of freedom in the air and a tremendous weight off their minds  – yes, it is back to school time for the kiddos. For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed is wallpapered with...
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Public Display of Music [on the fly]

  My Saturday ritual for the past year and half or so has been to get up early, grab my computer and take a seat at my local coffeehouse. The baristas know I order a large cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and a lavender vanilla scone....
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Kick-Your-Ass Punk Rock Primer [mix tape]

joey ramone punk
  My mother, like a lot of other mothers back in the 80’s and 90’s, thought that punk music was a bunch of senseless noise that encouraged rebellion and bad behavior. While certain groups like the Sex Pistols were all about rebellion and giving the middle finger to...
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Alarm Clock Words [poetry]

embracing words
Words they spin and churn in my mind They wake me from my slumber Break of dawn I turn back over and close my eyes Wanting to squeeze a little more shut-eye out of the day The words take flight with wings and fly fly fly Around my...
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A Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

birthday ron
Dearest Daughter, Happy 24th Birthday! I hope you enjoy your very special day. I think of you often, my beautiful girl, especially on this day. August has always been a difficult month for me since you were born – not because I regret my decision, because we both...
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Songs strippers ruined for me [mix tape]

View of three men offering money to strippers on stage
As you can tell from the title of the post, this is a mix tape playlist of songs ruined forever to me, thanks to working at the strip clubs. When I hear these songs, I am instantly transported back to the drama and chaos of my time served...
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Passion Ignited [poetry]

fire woman
    My wild heart is Yearning, burning & churning. Locked, loaded. Ready. The struggle is near Its end I can see the light at The end of the tunnel Finally. Goodbye to all the Almosts I’ve had in this life I embrace the ones who want To...
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Punk Rock Summer of 88 [mix tape]

Image from MashKulture - click pic for article on Cassette Tape Spine Art article
  Yesterday, I took a drive early evening with the windows down and music up. It was such a beautiful night; warm air with all the wonderful smells of summer combining into a swirl of memories for me. Isn’t it funny how scents have the power to transport you...
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Time Machines and Emotional Roller Coasters

roller coaster
Have you ever thought back to some of the stupid things you’ve done in your past and wanted a do-over? Yeah, me too. If only there were such things as a time machine or even Doctor Who’s TARDIS. But of course there isn’t – it’s all fiction, even...
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