Calling all Duranies! Call for submissions

  (Updated and Revised 4/25/15) If you’re a thirty to sixty-something, chances are you might have heard of a little band from Britain called Duran Duran. You couldn’t go to a magazine rack in the 1980’s without seeing Duran Duran on the covers of all the popular teen...
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Punk Rock Summer of 88 [mix tape]

Image from MashKulture - click pic for article on Cassette Tape Spine Art article
  Yesterday, I took a drive early evening with the windows down and music up. It was such a beautiful night; warm air with all the wonderful smells of summer combining into a swirl of memories for me. Isn’t it funny how scents have the power to transport you...
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Time Machines and Emotional Roller Coasters

roller coaster
Have you ever thought back to some of the stupid things you’ve done in your past and wanted a do-over? Yeah, me too. If only there were such things as a time machine or even Doctor Who’s TARDIS. But of course there isn’t – it’s all fiction, even...
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The Struggle of (Un)Affordable Health Care

high cost healthcare
  Mental illness runs in my family, especially depression. My mother described herself over the years as being “manic depressive” – I do not argue that fact with her. From what I can gather, her mother was also depressed. My mother refused to take meds for her depression,...
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I’m (not) Fine. [on the fly]

drinking woman smoking
I am here. Again. The pit of depression. Paralyzed by self-doubt. Cut off from action. Not giving a good god damn about anything. I cry but no one sees or hears me behind my closed off doors of seclusion. Thoughts of self-destruction run rampant once again in my...
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Dance Mfr, Dance! [mix tape]

Wax Trax Records
Last night has to be one of the best nights I’ve had in such a long time. I went to the “9 of Clubs Nite” at The Phantasy in Lakewood, OH – a musical flashback to the 1980-90’s gothic industrial scene. I cannot remember the last time I danced to...
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Hot Fucking Mess [mix tape]

hot mess
I take one, one, one ’cause you left me And two, two, two for my family And three, three, three for my heartache And four, four, four for my headaches And five, five, five for my lonely And six, six, six for my sorrow And seven, seven for...
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My Manic Mind [mix tape]

running makeup crying
My mind has been stretched and skewed in so many directions lately. I’m tired during the day, but when it is time for bed, my mind races and won’t let me sleep. I struggle with this mania, and sometimes even try to make sense of it (which can...
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Class of 1990 – 25 Years [mix tape]

class of 1990 chs
  June 7, 1990   The class of 1990 graduated from Clearview High School in Lorain, Ohio – all 70 something of us. Small school, small class, but we all knew each other and there was an almost universal camaraderie between us all.     Looking back now, being...
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patiently waiting
I’m holding on, waiting patiently for the monsters inside my head to either shut up or go away.  I’ve been religiously taking my new meds for 6 days now – a mistake? Maybe. The crying has stopped but my head is swimming. It’s funny because I do not know how...
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