Calling all Duranies! Call for submissions

  (Updated and Revised 4/25/15) If you’re a thirty to sixty-something, chances are you might have heard of a little band from Britain called Duran Duran. You couldn’t go to a magazine rack in the 1980’s without seeing Duran Duran on the covers of all the popular teen...
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#MeanGirls Day 2015

happy mean girls day
Hey, it’s October 3rd, you know what that means? Aside from it being only 28 days until Halloween, it is #MeanGirls Day! That’s so fetch! (yeah, I know, stop trying to make fetch happen.)     In honor of #MeanGirls Day 2015, I invite you, my most awesome...
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Brooding Burgundy & The Melancholies [mix tape]

brooding burgundy hair
I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but this time of year always forces me back inside myself to think and contemplate life and its many complexities. Fall is my absolute favorite season, yet with this amazingly colorful season comes what I like to call The Melancholies.  This...
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#Fatshaming gone viral [Tattooed Buddha]

stop bullying sofia
  Earlier this week, my first piece went live on The Tattooed Buddha – Fat Shaming is Real. This is my response to the viciously cruel words of Nicole Arbour in her #DearFatPeople video. She makes no apologies for the shameful and bitter words she said – even when...
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New Moon Transition [on the fly]

virgo new moon
I love this transitional time of year – the one between summer and autumn. During this magical time of year, here in Ohio we can experience days from 90 degrees with 89% humidity to 65 degrees and crisp cool winds the next. You really have to have tough skin to...
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First Day of School or Right Bus, Wrong Time

It’s that wonderful time of year again when most adults start to feel a bit of freedom in the air and a tremendous weight off their minds  – yes, it is back to school time for the kiddos. For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed is wallpapered with...
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Public Display of Music [on the fly]

  My Saturday ritual for the past year and half or so has been to get up early, grab my computer and take a seat at my local coffeehouse. The baristas know I order a large cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and a lavender vanilla scone....
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Kick-Your-Ass Punk Rock Primer [mix tape]

joey ramone punk
  My mother, like a lot of other mothers back in the 80’s and 90’s, thought that punk music was a bunch of senseless noise that encouraged rebellion and bad behavior. While certain groups like the Sex Pistols were all about rebellion and giving the middle finger to...
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Alarm Clock Words [poetry]

embracing words
Words they spin and churn in my mind They wake me from my slumber Break of dawn I turn back over and close my eyes Wanting to squeeze a little more shut-eye out of the day The words take flight with wings and fly fly fly Around my...
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A Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

birthday ron
Dearest Daughter, Happy 24th Birthday! I hope you enjoy your very special day. I think of you often, my beautiful girl, especially on this day. August has always been a difficult month for me since you were born – not because I regret my decision, because we both...
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Songs strippers ruined for me [mix tape]

View of three men offering money to strippers on stage
As you can tell from the title of the post, this is a mix tape playlist of songs ruined forever to me, thanks to working at the strip clubs. When I hear these songs, I am instantly transported back to the drama and chaos of my time served...
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Passion Ignited [poetry]

fire woman
    My wild heart is Yearning, burning & churning. Locked, loaded. Ready. The struggle is near Its end I can see the light at The end of the tunnel Finally. Goodbye to all the Almosts I’ve had in this life I embrace the ones who want To...
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Punk Rock Summer of 88 [mix tape]

Image from MashKulture - click pic for article on Cassette Tape Spine Art article
  Yesterday, I took a drive early evening with the windows down and music up. It was such a beautiful night; warm air with all the wonderful smells of summer combining into a swirl of memories for me. Isn’t it funny how scents have the power to transport you...
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