Sad Bastard Music


Many many moons ago I was young, naïve, and married.


Not very long into my marriage, my eyes opened as to why getting married was a big mistake. Little things – or signs as I always refer to these happenings – started piling up into bigger things.

One of which was my ex’s disdain for Goth and Punk music. 

Ummm hello… who do you think you married?

It’s not like I hid the fact I was different – my appearance made it more than clear that I was an “alterna-chick”, or a more importantly, a hybrid of Goth, Punk, and my own crazy style.


Anyone who knows me knows that my life revolves around music and that I love classic alternative, punk and 80s music.


More specifically, I have an extreme love affair with Depeche Mode and The Cure, as well as other bands like The Smiths and Siouxsie & the Banshees. 

Let me interject here that my ex-husband never really came out and said he didn’t like my music, but the insults he would throw my way when I played my favorite bands were proof enough he disliked my choice in music.

One way he referred to my music that stands out in my mind was “sad bastard music” – he thought calling it that would piss me off (he was a button pusher and gas lighter) but on the contrary, it cracked me up.

This of course, in turn, pissed him off, and that gave my dark little goth heart immense joy.

I started going out solo to the only Goth club in the area, The Chamber in Lakewood; bringing him only depressed me because he would crack on the people and music. How the hell I ended up married to a guy who loved country music is beyond me!

But I digress…


I recently found a stack of my old CD mixtapes, and one, in particular, I named “80s & 90s Sad Bastard Music” – the CD I played as often as possible when he was around including at home and in the car.


The CD case has a dark photo of Robert Smith, circa the late ’80s with his wild hair, gracing the cover. To say I was obsessed with Robert and his hair is an understatement. I kept the hairspray companies in business back in the ’80s. You can read all about that in my piece, Confessions of an 80’s Hairspray Addict. 😉


dave gahan depeche mode sad bastard music


The bands on this particular playlist are also the ones who helped me keep my sanity during my marriage, especially Depeche Mode.

Both Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra were my constant companion and choice CD’s to play and lose myself in. I don’t think I would have survived those years without them.

My musical stroll down memory lane for the day ends with the playlist from those days long gone.

I still and always will love my 80s and 90s Sad Bastard Music, and I hope you will grow to like it as well if you don’t already. 





80’s & 90’s Sad Bastard Music


  1. A Night Like This – The Cure
  2. One Caress – Depeche Mode
  3. Love is Stronger Than Death – The The
  4. How Soon is Now – The Smiths
  5. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
  6. Trust in Me – Siouxsie & the Banshees
  7. Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
  8. Inbetween Days – The Cure
  9. Rush – Depeche Mode
  10. I Go Crazy – Flesh for Lulu
  11. Panic – The Smiths
  12. Brand New Lover – Dead or Alive
  13. Halo – Depeche Mode
  14. A Forest – The Cure
  15. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) – INXS
  16. Everyday is Like Sunday – Morrissey
  17. True Faith – New Order
  18. Things You Said – Depeche Mode
  19. The Passenger – Siouxsie & the Banshees
  20. The Killing Moon – Echo & the Bunnymen
  21. Strangelove – Depeche Mode
  22. Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem – Peter Murphy
  23. Female of The Species – Space
  24. Here’s Where The Story Ends – The Sundays
  25. Barrel of a Gun – Depeche Mode