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Clash of the 80’s Music Video Titans

  Growing up in the 1980’s was an absolutely magical experience, musically speaking of course.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a huge 80’s music fan. The 80’s perfectly blended pop, rock, new wave and r&b on almost every station on the radio. I had no use back in those carefree days for the likes of 60’s-70’s classic, progressive or psychedelic rock. It’s funny to now hear the songs of my youth played on the classic rock and oldies stations though, but that’s a topic for…

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Wild Boys! – 15+ Duran Duran masterpieces

    Recently I had a Duranie request a mix tape playlist of Duran Duran songs that I love. This was a very difficult task because how can one choose just 15 songs from such an extensive, awesome and amazing song catalog?! Challenge accepted! I took to the task and came up with a random order 15 song playlist with 2 bonus tracks (who doesn’t love bonus tracks?!)  I could have made a 50+ track playlist with no problem, but here you go “Jimi Duranie” – I hope you enjoy this…

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Seven & The Ragged Tiger

Do you remember when your love affair with music began? I do.   The early 1980’s were the beginning of a new phase of life for me – I started developing my own preferences in music. Gone were the days of listening to the music of my siblings.   Goodbye Elton John and Queen – hello Duran Duran and new wave!       Listening to Cleveland’s top pop music station, 98.5 WGCL, I heard a lot of Duran Duran along with other rock and new wave style bands. I…

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