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Creative Foundation & Offerings

  The mid to late 1980s were my most formative and rebellious years.   I can remember as far back as sixth grade when we had an art assignment to design a record album cover for our favorite album. Of course, at the time my tiny record player was wearing grooves into Duran Duran’s epic album Seven and the Ragged Tiger, so I set out to design my very own cover for the album. I decided to do a split face tiger and woman with a graffiti style background. I…

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Passion Ignited [poetry]

    My wild heart is Yearning, burning & churning. Locked, loaded. Ready. The struggle is near Its end I can see the light at The end of the tunnel Finally. Goodbye to all the Almosts I’ve had in this life I embrace the ones who want To be. Forward I march With my creative and wild heart Blazing the way The match is lit I’m a firecracker of desire Passion is my middle name Nothing can stop me now  

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