World Goth Day 2018

When I was a child I somehow knew I was different from all the others.


My mother would say it was because I was fat; my siblings have all said in one way or another had it not been for our mother and the way she raised me I would’ve been “normal”.

No. The things that made my little heart flutter as a child were not because of any of those external things.

I liked classic monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein, even more so I had a crush on Vincent Price, especially after seeing him do his one-man show of Edgar Allan Poe. Poe just so happened to be my favorite author as well, I couldn’t get enough of his words. They fed my burgeoning dark soul.


Little did I know in the mid to late 1970’s I was preparing myself to bloom into a beautiful black rose in the 1980’s – a teenage goth.


Happy World Goth Day 2018!


Since 2009, World Goth Day is celebrated yearly on Steven Patrick Morrissey’s birthday. I’ve often wondered why it’s his birthday and not on Peter Murphy’s or even Robert Smith’s that we should celebrate this darkly delightful day.

Yes, yes, I know… The Smiths had the song Unhappy Birthday and this is why, or something to that effect. You’d also think they’d celebrate it in the fall… but I digress.

The following playlist is filled with beautifully dark classic post-punk and goth tunes to make your dark soul want to get up and dance and sing this corrosion, nevermore.


goth dancing world goth day


World Goth Day 2018 – Because The Night

  1. Because The Night – Beki Bondage
  2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Specimen
  3. The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen
  4. Unhappy Birthday – The Smiths
  5. A Strange Day – The Cure
  6. Cities in Dust – Siouxsie & The Banshees
  7. She’s in Parties – Bauhaus
  8. This Corrosion (extended mix) – The Sisters of Mercy
  9. Never Let Me Down Again – Depeche Mode
  10. Christine – The Wale
  11. Love Like Blood – Killing Joke
  12. Tragedy For You – Front 242
  13. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove – Dead Can Dance
  14. Black Celebration – Depeche Mode
  15. Ceremony – Joy Division
  16. Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
  17. Suedehead – Morrissey
  18. Fascination Street – The Cure
  19. Ringfinger – Nine Inch Nails
  20. You, The Night And The Music – Tones On Tail
  21. Stripped (reconstructed remix) – Depeche Mode
  22. Mother – Wumpscut
  23. Effigy (I’m Not An) – Ministry
  24. Are Friends Electric? – Tubeway Army
  25. Away – The Bolshoi
  26. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem – Peter Murphy
  27. Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For? – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  28. Like A Prayer – Bigod 20
  29. A Forest – Clan of Xymox
  30. Physical (You’re So) – Adam & The Ants
  31. Sanctum Sanctorum – The Damned
  32. Just Like You – Ministry
  33. Your Master is Calling – Pink Turns Blue
  34. Waiting For The Night – Depeche Mode
  35. Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
  36. Wasteland – The Mission 
  37. That Smiling Face – Camouflage
  38. Dead Souls – Joy Division
  39. Happy When It Rains – The Jesus And Mary Chain
  40. Dig It – Skinny Puppy