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My Big (Fat Gay) Punk Rock Prom

Despite being told by Mom-ster I couldn’t go to my senior prom because I was fat, my punk rock prom date and I totally (punk) rocked it out!

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this playlist is for my former classmates - and anyone who appreciates the awesome music of the 1980s.  There's a great mix of rock, r&b, pop, and new wave hits I can remember dancing to at our school dances and playing loudly at parties. I hope this playlist makes some of you Gen Xers Bust a Move! life Mixtape music youth 

Class of 1990 – 31 Years Later

***EDITED & UPDATED on 2/15/2021: Added Prince and Morris Day & The Time to the playlist.   June 7, 1990   The class of 1990 graduated from Clearview High School in Lorain, Ohio – all 70 something of us. Small school, small class, but we all knew each other and there was an almost universal camaraderie between us all.     Looking back now, being a pretty tight-knit class was amazingly cool. I can remember the movies from my teen years where the schools were huge and no one knew each other…

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