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Dressed to Kilt – Eye Candy or Porn?

I’ve recently been hit with an onslaught of total hatred to the photos I’ve been posting on Facebook of sexy men in kilts. This person has even gone as far as reporting the photos to Facebook as being pornographic.   WOW. REALLY?! I enjoy the occasional eye candy, as do many of my friends online, both male and female. I’m not one to objectify and play the perverted voyeur to muscular men – ok, maybe on some occasions I do – but I post photos that are both aesthetically and…

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Chauffeur [Poetry] – From the Archives

  This poem is from many years ago, back during a time when my writings had a darker voice and came from a more deviant side of myself… Chauffeur   I will drive you head first screaming sobbing whimpering into the darkness which is My domain tapping into the forbidden regions of your mind… your lusts… into your uncontrollable desires twisting and turning you inside out… I am your designated driver into the unknown, come with Me… if you dare  

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All That Glitters…

  Forget all you’ve ever seen on TV, music videos and in the movies about strip clubs, especially behind the scenes.   It is not glamorous and 99% of the girls are not tall, beautiful models; in fact, in my seven years I can only recall a handful of girls that even came close to that description. I remember having conversations with other club employees (not dancers) who shared the opinion that you could find “hotter girls” walking the local malls than who worked the clubs. When I started working the…

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