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Songs of Our Lives

Revised 1/28/17 Music.   It’s one of the many beautiful things in life that helps shape us into the people we are today.   Music is used to express emotions, define events in history, shape a culture and spread happiness and joy. A single song can transport you to times long gone and bring a flood of emotions back. Songs are used to celebrate and remember occasions. Why do you think a couple’s wedding song is so magical and special? We sing the “Birthday Song” to celebrate one another’s birthday. Music also…

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College Revisited – Beginnings of a Writer

Recently I went through a bunch of old folders, notebooks and journals. It’s nice to go back and see that you’re moving forward with life and pursuing your dreams. I ran across a paper I wrote for one of my Creative Writing classes. This assignment was to write an introduction to your memoir. I can remember going at this assignment with great enthusiasm and determination.  I decided to share this today because it is a reminder of who I was and who I still want to become. I might not…

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The Perfect Lusty Summer Read! [book review – Indie Chicks]

 *WARNING: This article contains sexually explicit material.   “My name is Chrystal Rose and I’m a cheating bitch. I’m not the first woman to cheat and I won’t be the last. I’m just one of the few who’ll admit to it. Forget what you think you know about cheaters. You think once we are, we always are. You think it’s all about sex. You think we’re whores. Maybe we are. Maybe we’re just looking for the right one, the right one to keep us faithful. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe…

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