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“Sexy Disco” Haiku [poetry]

When I traveled to Italy in 2011, I learned the phrase “sexy disco” from Matteo, my sexy Italian tour guide on my ride to the Amalfi Coast. I found that “sexy disco” is the term for strip clubs when I told him where I worked at the time. From what I understand, they are nothing like the gritty clubs of the US. Matteo wanted to take me to see a “sexy disco” when we returned to Rome. Unfortunately, I did not take him up on that offer.  The following haiku (I took some Jack Kerouac…

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Emotional Limbo

  Lately, I am feeling some sort of way that escapes words.   I’m teetering between memories and dreams, tears and joy; feeling the overwhelming need to either escape myself or crawl into my mind and rummage around.   It’s an emotional limbo – I’m in the void.   The destructive feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy haunt me, along with the voices from family – “What are you thinking? This simply cannot be done. Get your head out of the clouds!” I must push back and persevere. I’ve fought too…

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Shake Your Money Maker – Stripper Etiquette 101

Making money is not always about nudity in a strip club, believe it or not.   If you don’t know the basics of communication, you’re not going to be good at making money. The fantasy extends from your looks – walking the walk, down to actual conversation – talking the talk. There were dancers, night after night, that would get straight to the point, go over and ask a guy for a dance. Of course the fella would almost always say yes; the girl would then give her 3 minute…

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