“Sexy Disco” Haiku [poetry]

sexy discoWhen I traveled to Italy in 2011, I learned the phrase “sexy disco” from Matteo, my sexy Italian tour guide on my ride to the Amalfi Coast. I found that “sexy disco” is the term for strip clubs when I told him where I worked at the time.

From what I understand, they are nothing like the gritty clubs of the US. Matteo wanted to take me to see a “sexy disco” when we returned to Rome. Unfortunately, I did not take him up on that offer. 

The following haiku (I took some Jack Kerouac freedom with the line counts) are all about strip clubs. These haiku will also be on a few mixed media canvases I am in the process of creating. 


stripper money gstring


Wanton and perverse
Flaunting all morals away
Fantasy for cash


Gyrating, grinding
Sexy dancing, tits & ass
Sex sells soulless sin


She sells fantasy
Mad money in her garter
Surrender your soul


Sexy girls show skin
Horny guys open wallets
Sexual shakedown


Drunk with desire
Draped in sin
Lust perverts love