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“Sexy Disco” Haiku [poetry]

When I traveled to Italy in 2011, I learned the phrase “sexy disco” from Matteo, my sexy Italian tour guide on my ride to the Amalfi Coast. I found that “sexy disco” is the term for strip clubs when I told him where I worked at the time. From what I understand, they are nothing like the gritty clubs of the US. Matteo wanted to take me to see a “sexy disco” when we returned to Rome. Unfortunately, I did not take him up on that offer.  The following haiku (I took some Jack Kerouac…

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The Strays of Rome and Pompeii [gallery]

When I visited Italy in March 2011, one of the wonderful things I noticed is that the strays are well cared for, especially in ruin areas, where they run free and happy. It only makes sense that I found these refuges, being an animal lover myself.   The first of these areas I visited was Largo di Torre Argentina, or the Area Sacra. These stray cats, under the protection of Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, are in essence protectors for the ruins and the place where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by the senators…

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Meditative Bliss – La Spiaggia

  I found myself wide awake at 3:30am this morning; my mind was spinning.   After fifteen frustrating minutes of attempting to fall back to sleep, I turned my light on and stared at my ceiling; that’s when every horrible thought started to flood my mind. I ran the gamut from money to being alone to my health. I started crying – it was all too much. I started to feel like such a failure.   And then I stopped.   I sat up in my bed, grabbed my phone,…

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