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Meditative Bliss – La Spiaggia

  I found myself wide awake at 3:30am this morning; my mind was spinning.   After fifteen frustrating minutes of attempting to fall back to sleep, I turned my light on and stared at my ceiling; that’s when every horrible thought started to flood my mind. I ran the gamut from money to being alone to my health. I started crying – it was all too much. I started to feel like such a failure.   And then I stopped.   I sat up in my bed, grabbed my phone,…

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Found Art and Random People of Italy

In March 2011, I made my first independent trip overseas to Italy; this meant a lot to me both on a personal and spiritual level. I had been dreaming of traveling to Italy since I was in high school; I’ve always held a fascination for the ruins of ancient Rome. At the time I made my trip, I was spiritually and emotionally drained. I needed a jump start to carry on with the next phase of my life; a life giving, spirit renewing infusion of good energy. This was my…

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