Found Art and Random People of Italy

In March 2011, I made my first independent trip overseas to Italy; this meant a lot to me both on a personal and spiritual level. I had been dreaming of traveling to Italy since I was in high school; I’ve always held a fascination for the ruins of ancient Rome.

At the time I made my trip, I was spiritually and emotionally drained. I needed a jump start to carry on with the next phase of my life; a life giving, spirit renewing infusion of good energy. This was my trip of a lifetime; I came back refreshed, renewed and ready to change my life for the better.

I took thousands of photos during my two weeks abroad, from your typical sightseeing to my own style of storytelling photos. I’ve always found art in the most commonplace scenes; for me, it is a matter of perception and almost anything can become art. In photography terms, it’s all about lighting, angles and composition.

Each photo has captured a moment in time never to be duplicated and always remembered.

The following photos are just a sampling of what I like to call “found art” I captured in Italy, including random shots of the colorful people I encountered – which in my eyes is art in and of itself. Each person has their own story; every time I look at these photos, I imagine a new and wonderful story to be told.

It is my hope that these photos open you up to looking at your everyday life with an artistic eye, thus allowing you to see the beauty that is all around us daily.