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Coffeehouse Raw: Stream of Consciousness

The coffee here at The Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin, OH is delightful; I am on my second cup of cafe mocha, made from a real coffee press machine I might add. No crappy McDonald’s rip-off here. I savor every last drop as I sit at a table in the window facing the main road. I spy every single person out joyously walking with their friends and loved ones on this unseasonably warm winter’s day; this makes me smile. The sweet and savory smells of coffee mixed with fresh pastries…

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Cynical Love and The Single Independent Woman

“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” –Henry Rollins   As I sat at dinner with a few old friends from my school days long gone by, I suddenly felt out-of-place; I hadn’t felt discomfort like this in a while. My discomfort stemmed from that fact that I couldn’t relate the same way to life and love as they did; I decided to keep quiet, observe and take the entire situation into my mind to slowly digest it. There…

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Funerals & Grieving – Guest Post on Confessions of a Funeral Director

Death is always a difficult subject to talk about; funerals and grieving aren’t your normal every day subjects. I’ve had peace with and an understanding of death since I was a child. I’ve written an article about my personal experiences with death and grieving; today it is being featured as a guest post on Caleb Wilde’s blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director. I am very humbled and honored to have my writing appear on his blog. Caleb is an amazing man who has used to internet to reach out to…

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