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Thrift Shop Art Legacy

While perusing a local thrift shop, I ran across a wildly cool little painting.     I had to buy it just because it was so cool and definitely out of place in the thrift shop. It also reminded me somewhat of my own art with mixed media, glitter paint, and paint texture. It’s inspiring to look at and makes me want to dive back into my own art. However, my mind has taken a different twist on this piece of art.   The word legacy comes to mind.  …

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life musings on the fly 

Bittersweet Symphony of Life

I’m a very patient and positive person and I absolutely love my job – I dread working it though because of my horrible boss. I’ve been working for almost a year now, with a horrible boss to beat all horrible bosses I’ve ever had before. Basically, my boss doesn’t know how to deal with people; he is very condescending, rude and talks at people, not to them – both employees and customers. When I first started my employment, he told me and the other salesman that was hired with me…

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life musings 

Coffeehouse Raw: Random Ramblings

Clear your mind. Clear your thoughts. Writing is my own form of meditation.  I’m in love with Dirty Chai. I love chai tea as it is, but a chai with espresso – it is a caffeinated one-two punch of savory flavor. This is my new fave “go juice”. I love this coffeehouse. I love this town. I love sitting here writing. I love that when I’m in here my iPhone gets absolutely no reception and I end up with “no service”. Self-imposed silent time with no disturbing distractions from technology and…

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