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Thrift Shop Art Legacy

Why did this piece of art end up in a thrift store, or more importantly, how? Twenty-two years have passed… but did the artist?

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life musings on the fly 

Bittersweet Symphony of Life

I’m a very patient and positive person and I absolutely love my job – I dread working it though because of my horrible boss. I’ve been working for almost a year now, with a horrible boss to beat all horrible bosses I’ve ever had before. Basically, my boss doesn’t know how to deal with people; he is very condescending, rude and talks at people, not to them – both employees and customers. When I first started my employment, he told me and the other salesman that was hired with me…

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life musings 

Coffeehouse Raw: Random Ramblings

Clear your mind. Clear your thoughts. Writing is my own form of meditation.  I’m in love with Dirty Chai. I love chai tea as it is, but a chai with espresso – it is a caffeinated one-two punch of savory flavor. This is my new fave “go juice”. I love this coffeehouse. I love this town. I love sitting here writing. I love that when I’m in here my iPhone gets absolutely no reception and I end up with “no service”. Self-imposed silent time with no disturbing distractions from technology and…

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