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Thrift Shop Art Legacy

Why did this piece of art end up in a thrift store, or more importantly, how? Twenty-two years have passed… but did the artist?

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Blank Canvas [Poetry]

Staring at the canvas stripped to the bone white as gesso – thalo green I like to paint thick – running the brush up my thigh – Cold. Closing my eyes waiting for inspiration that doesn’t hit me like it used to I grab a tube of crimson and smear it over my chest and face as I follow my hands to my head and cry. What happened all these years to me? They are all but faint memories that appear in words pictures and paintings – I am afraid…

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Euro Punk or Things Aren’t Always What They Seem…

It was a brisk Sunday morning in mid-March; I planned to head to Villa Medici to see the Euro Punk exhibit. I packed my umbrella, as it had called for rain that day; nothing was going to stop me from enjoying every single moment of my time in Rome. I was so excited that this exhibit was on display during my time there, as I am a big fan of punk rock; it was fate. I decided to leave early to visit the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, since…

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