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I am… Goddess [poetry]

Finding my words again… and more importantly, me.

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musings poetry 

Frigid Solitude – Haiku [poetry]

  January sun Swallowed by ominous clouds Not allowed to shine   Bitter cold wind bites Stealing comfortable warmth Chilling to the bone   Solitary life Never used to be this way Long winter alone  

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A Lesson in Flying – I Want a Bumble Ball [poetry]

A Lesson in Flying is another piece from the archives of my journals. I wrote this piece before I understood the madness going on in my head, better known as bipolar depression. Looking back, I think this describes exactly what goes on in my head during a manic phase. Thank goodness I know how to cope with this feeling now, without drugs, prescription and otherwise. I wrote this stream of consciousness poem at work one day as I sat and stared at Bumble Balls bouncing around in the demo area in front…

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