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Sneak Attack

  Oh Depression, you sly fucking devil. I give you credit – you figured out a way to get to me this time around. Sneak attack. I know you were behind these recent events. You paralyze my reason. I’ve been living in a zombified haze of my normal self. I should have known you were holding the puppet strings, Depression. You make me hate myself and instantly regret things as they happen. I hate regrets, almost as much as I hate you. I feel so stupid for the things I’ve said…

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A Lesson in Flying – I Want a Bumble Ball [poetry]

A Lesson in Flying is another piece from the archives of my journals. I wrote this piece before I understood the madness going on in my head, better known as bipolar depression. Looking back, I think this describes exactly what goes on in my head during a manic phase. Thank goodness I know how to cope with this feeling now, without drugs, prescription and otherwise. I wrote this stream of consciousness poem at work one day as I sat and stared at Bumble Balls bouncing around in the demo area in front…

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Dark Night of the Soul – elephant journal

My latest article on elephant journal is about the darkest period of my life – how I survived it and transformed myself in the process. Hopefully my story can help and/or inspire someone going through their own dark night… Comments are always welcomed! Please check out the rest of elephant journal while you’re there! They have a lot of inspiring and insightful articles by some of the BEST writers out there! Love & light,    

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