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Déjà Vu – In love with life

I cannot explain the feelings inside when I sit down every Saturday morning here at The Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin. Today, smooth jazz plays over the sound system and as I sit here sipping on my hot dirty chai, I experience a strong feeling of déjà vu. I know that I’ve done this before as another person, in another place and time. I have goosebumps and the feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me. Tears are welling up in my eyes.   I am so very happy in this moment.  …

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Mother’s Day to Mom-ster dysfunctional family life 

A Letter to Mom-ster on Mother’s Day

    Dear Mom-ster,   Happy second Sunday in May.   I know you hate to be reminded that you are a mother, and despise all holidays, especially Mother’s Day, but I thought I’d write you just the same. I’m sure you have read some, if not all, of my writings about you by now, thanks to my ex-husband. If there is one thing that you’ve taught me, it’s that you should always keep your nose clean and nothing will come back to haunt you.   I’m no saint, Mom-ster,…

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Distraction: Let Go or be Dragged

  I am very distracted today.   I cannot seem to focus on my writing that I came here to work on – all I want to do is sit here and people watch in this coffeehouse that has become my home every Saturday. From the cute little college alterna-chicks in their funky outfits to the group of men bicyclists that just walked in, dressed in their tight-in-all-the-right-places biker shorts. It’s a cacophony of visual and aural delights.   Yes indeed, today is all about distraction from my writing projects.…

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