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Bittersweet Symphony of Life

I’m a very patient and positive person and I absolutely love my job – I dread working it though because of my horrible boss. I’ve been working for almost a year now, with a horrible boss to beat all horrible bosses I’ve ever had before. Basically, my boss doesn’t know how to deal with people; he is very condescending, rude and talks at people, not to them – both employees and customers. When I first started my employment, he told me and the other salesman that was hired with me…

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Winter Zen [Be You Media]

It’s been a long and cold winter this year; I don’t know anyone that could argue otherwise. I used to despise winter, with its cold and snow and gloomy days with barely any sunshine. This year I have made peace with winter – I understand and respect this harsh season now. My latest piece  – Freshly Fallen Snow ~ A Moment of Winter Zen – has made its way to {Be You} I am grateful and honored to have a piece published on this site! Please take a moment not…

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musings on the fly 

Traveling to Creative-ville on the Espresso

The barista hands me my Dirty Chai, “I accidentally put two shots of espresso in this – is that OK?” But of course it’s OK! I now have my go-juice with an extra kick! What a way to start out my creative day! While doing an inventory of stuff in my spare room closet earlier this week, I ran across my senior year scrapbook from 1990. I always get a laugh or two at the photos and crazy things my friends and I used to say and do. In my wildest…

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