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Brightest Stars

  “You’re too dark” You say to me Over & Over again. But my love, Don’t you know It is only in the  Deepest darkness Where you find Swirling galaxies, Hidden mystical Treasures, And the biggest & Brightest stars?  

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Alarm Clock Words [poetry]

Words they spin and churn in my mind They wake me from my slumber Break of dawn I turn back over and close my eyes Wanting to squeeze a little more shut-eye out of the day The words take flight with wings and fly fly fly Around my head waiting for me to catch them and make them into something coherent They want to live They want completion Flying and wailing in my head They will not be silenced “Take us!” they scream “Make sense of us! Give us life…

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The Curious Tale of Gabrielle [Guest Post]

I’m starting something new with my blog for the new year – Featured Guest Posts! Today I happily present you with writer and soon-to-be published author, Zachary Paul Chopchinski.  If you are a writer and would like to be a Featured Guest Post, please let me know!   Hello, fellow bloggers and readers. My name is Zachary Paul Chopchinski. I have been given the amazing opportunity to speak today on my most recent book, which I will publish independently. I wanted to begin this posting by giving a large ‘Thank You’ to…

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