Alarm Clock Words [poetry]

Words they spin and churn in my mind
They wake me from my slumber
Break of dawn
I turn back over and close my eyes
Wanting to squeeze a little more shut-eye out of the day
The words take flight with wings and
fly fly fly
Around my head waiting for me to catch them and
make them into something coherent

They want to live
They want completion
Flying and wailing in my head
They will not be silenced

“Take us!” they scream
“Make sense of us!
Give us life and purpose!
And patterns and symbolism!
Play with us on paper!”

Over and over the words beat me down in my head
Burning my mind until I expel them
From their prison
Give birth to new works of prose and poems and stories and more
They must live and be immortalized
I take a deep breath and they flow
from my mind
to hand
to pen
on paper
they are my children I birthed them in this order
they shall live and breathe and give life
and meaning to the madness in my mind
Which is never quiet even in the darkness of sleep

I must dance and become one with
the words in my head


embracing words