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Public Display of Music

  My Saturday ritual for the past year and a half or so has been to get up early, grab my computer and take a seat at my local coffeehouse. The baristas know I order a large cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and a lavender vanilla scone. Sometimes I switch it up and get a dirty chai, but lately, I’ve craved just a cappuccino with extra cinnamon sprinkled on top of the frothy milk goodness.  Oberlin College is back in session, as the coffeehouse is in full buzz…

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Kick-Your-Ass Punk Rock Motivation

    My mother, like a lot of other mothers back in the ’80s and ’90s, thought that punk music was a bunch of senseless noise that encouraged rebellion and bad behavior.   While certain groups like the Sex Pistols were all about rebellion and giving the middle finger to the powers that be, if our mothers would have dug a little deeper, they would have found some pretty empowering and motivational lyrics. Sure there were the senseless and nonsensical songs, like “Bitchin’ Camaro” by The Dead Milkmen, but sprinkled…

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Alarm Clock Words [poetry]

Words they spin and churn in my mind They wake me from my slumber Break of dawn I turn back over and close my eyes Wanting to squeeze a little more shut-eye out of the day The words take flight with wings and fly fly fly Around my head waiting for me to catch them and make them into something coherent They want to live They want completion Flying and wailing in my head They will not be silenced “Take us!” they scream “Make sense of us! Give us life…

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