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Distraction – Where is My Mind?

I have been a horrible blogger.   I went from at least one new post a week, to almost nothing. I feel awful about this. I have written, though, on my other website, Punk Rock Flea Market Lorain (PRFM Lorain).  So far it’s been a summer filled with lots of activity with building my business, getting the word out there about what PRFM Lorain is all about, plus the crazy chaos of my un-medicated mind. That last one has wreaked havoc, a lot – from spirals of over thinking to paralyzing apathy.…

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Spiraling Madness [poetry]

I decided to do some writing recently while in the midst of a depression spiral… this is the result.     The demons are after me tonight My own personal demons In my head Birthed at an early age They’ve lived here forever And tonight they are Twisting and turning Dancing and churning Fucking with my thoughts The logical processes in my mind Whispering in my ears Yelling in my mind Giving me tunnel vision They keep coming Attacking Have you ever swallowed your screams? Tonight I do just that…

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Distraction: Let Go or be Dragged

  I am very distracted today.   I cannot seem to focus on my writing that I came here to work on – all I want to do is sit here and people watch in this coffeehouse that has become my home every Saturday. From the cute little college alterna-chicks in their funky outfits to the group of men bicyclists that just walked in, dressed in their tight-in-all-the-right-places biker shorts. It’s a cacophony of visual and aural delights.   Yes indeed, today is all about distraction from my writing projects.…

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