Mother’s Day to Mom-ster dysfunctional family life 

A Letter to Mom-ster on Mother’s Day

    Dear Mom-ster,   Happy second Sunday in May.   I know you hate to be reminded that you are a mother, and despise all holidays, especially Mother’s Day, but I thought I’d write you just the same. I’m sure you have read some, if not all, of my writings about you by now, thanks to my ex-husband. If there is one thing that you’ve taught me, it’s that you should always keep your nose clean and nothing will come back to haunt you.   I’m no saint, Mom-ster,…

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My (Silent) Body Shaming – elephant journal

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to my body – please take a moment and visit my latest on elephant journal! This is something I have to work at daily until it’s deep seated in my mind. elephant journal is an excellent site to read inspiring, informing and all over positive words from some of the best writers out there – their themes run the gamut from wellness, spirituality, yoga, food and green living. If you haven’t checked them out yet, then perhaps today is that day! Stay…

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