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Hell of Writing

My muse can be a cruel bitch. There are lots of stories and voices running through my head, wanting to break free and be written. I cannot stifle them. I try to fit them into one voice, one style… this cannot be done. Each story has a voice all its own. Tons of stories to be told – to be written – spewing forth from my mind with reckless abandon. Sometimes they come at me so fast that I cannot write or type fast enough – yet there are other…

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life musings 

Coffeehouse Raw: Stream of Consciousness

The coffee here at The Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin, OH is delightful; I am on my second cup of cafe mocha, made from a real coffee press machine I might add. No crappy McDonald’s rip-off here. I savor every last drop as I sit at a table in the window facing the main road. I spy every single person out joyously walking with their friends and loved ones on this unseasonably warm winter’s day; this makes me smile. The sweet and savory smells of coffee mixed with fresh pastries…

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