Hell of Writing

frustratedMy muse can be a cruel bitch.

There are lots of stories and voices running through my head, wanting to break free and be written. I cannot stifle them. I try to fit them into one voice, one style… this cannot be done.

Each story has a voice all its own.

Tons of stories to be told – to be written – spewing forth from my mind with reckless abandon. Sometimes they come at me so fast that I cannot write or type fast enough – yet there are other times I cannot find the proper words to articulate exactly what I want to say.

Pulling ideas from my head during difficult times tends to give me headaches. I wish I could find a way to pull thoughts out of my head when they are overflowing and save them for the moments when words escape me…

It’s an arduous process, indeed.

This is the sometimes hell of being a writer.