Dressed to Kilt – Eye Candy or Porn?

I’ve recently been hit with an onslaught of total hatred to the photos I’ve been posting on Facebook of sexy men in kilts. This person has even gone as far as reporting the photos to Facebook as being pornographic.

kilt porn



I enjoy the occasional eye candy, as do many of my friends online, both male and female. I’m not one to objectify and play the perverted voyeur to muscular men – ok, maybe on some occasions I do – but I post photos that are both aesthetically and sensually pleasing to the senses, as I am an artist.

To have someone judge me harshly – as well as my friends who have posted the same types of photos – really ruffles my feathers.

What does this person think they will accomplish by attacking both me and my friends so harshly?

I truly wish my photo stalker would wage a war against something other than me posting photos of shirtless muscular men in kilts.

There are SO many other wars to wage on out in cyberspace – between politics, wars, immigration,  world hunger, Monsanto, animal cruelty and yes, even the tabloid favorites Miley and Bieber, among others.

In fairness, I even posted pics of a few sexy lassies in kilts; funny how that photo didn’t get flagged to Facebook…

By the way, Facebook did not remove any of the photos.

I digress…

So, my wonderful readers, I leave you with a gallery of my sexy men in kilts and you tell me, are these images pornography or just simple, flirtatious and sexy eye candy?