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The Dating Rat Race Part Deux – Social Experiment

For part one, go to: The Dating Rat Race   Last week, on a whim, I decided to revise and reactivate my personal ad on POF (Plenty of Fish); I like to call it social experiment number two. It will be a short-lived social experiment this time around – I am giving it one week. My new and improved ad was almost immediately met with a barrage of the usual replies, in no particular order: Guys wanting to cheat Guys wanting to “hit it n’ quit it” – no strings, FWB, DTF Guys with no…

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The Dating Rat Race

  Doesn’t anyone date anymore?   I am on the brink of turning 42 years old and have been divorced for over a year and a half now. Since rejoining the dating scene, I’ve come to believe that technology has dumbed us down when it comes to dating. Between online personals, email, chat programs, apps and texting, it’s become a fast and furious rat race in getting to know someone. Technology might have made life easier, but it has made love harder to find. The act of courting a woman seems…

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9 1/2 Dates – An Ode to Friday Night

  1: We went out for Mexican food. He got more salsa on his white shirt than in his mouth. I sunk deep into my chair from embarrassment when he farted loudly, laughed and said, “That means the food is good here! My compliments to the chef!” I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I never went back to that restaurant again.   2: I went for a ride on his motorcycle (not a Harley to my dismay). We ended up at a park and started making out on…

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