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Invisible War [poetry]

I am the slayer of My own monsters. Only I can fight that which no one else can see or feel. They terrorize me on Dark and lonely nights. I muster up the Courage and Fortitude from my past battles; I have reminders of them with the scars on My heart and soul. I know what I need to do – What I must do. This is war and there is No crying nor room for the weak willed. I will march forward Bravely Never stopping No surrender Conquering the…

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The Dating Rat Race Part Deux – Social Experiment

For part one, go to: The Dating Rat Race   Last week, on a whim, I decided to revise and reactivate my personal ad on POF (Plenty of Fish); I like to call it social experiment number two. It will be a short-lived social experiment this time around – I am giving it one week. My new and improved ad was almost immediately met with a barrage of the usual replies, in no particular order: Guys wanting to cheat Guys wanting to “hit it n’ quit it” – no strings, FWB, DTF Guys with no…

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