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Hell of Writing

My muse can be a cruel bitch. There are lots of stories and voices running through my head, wanting to break free and be written. I cannot stifle them. I try to fit them into one voice, one style… this cannot be done. Each story has a voice all its own. Tons of stories to be told – to be written – spewing forth from my mind with reckless abandon. Sometimes they come at me so fast that I cannot write or type fast enough – yet there are other…

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Sexual Soul Mates [poetry]

The memory of our sexual union is a constant temptation to me You’re ingrained in my body and soul We are forged from the loins of the gods Sexual soul mates I remembered you the first moment I felt your Strong hands upon my soft, pale naked skin I cannot forget your touch, it is etched in my memory Pure sensual and sexual perfection together as one This is the only way we can be together Consummating our lust and desire for each other For only a few stolen hours…

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Coffeehouse Raw: Stream of Consciousness

The coffee here at The Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin, OH is delightful; I am on my second cup of cafe mocha, made from a real coffee press machine I might add. No crappy McDonald’s rip-off here. I savor every last drop as I sit at a table in the window facing the main road. I spy every single person out joyously walking with their friends and loved ones on this unseasonably warm winter’s day; this makes me smile. The sweet and savory smells of coffee mixed with fresh pastries…

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