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Memories Make Me Cry [poetry]

  Time Warp Stuck in a loop Close my eyes and remember Your touch – how I want your strong hands Grabbing, squeezing, caressing me Once again Our tongues dancing together Entangled in a passionate kiss My body still responds to your words Even after all this time has passed Between us Both in other worlds now Far from each other But still close as ever in our thoughts And dreams It’s mesmerizing Distracting Throwing me off-balance Even when I just think of you How is this, still… Wrestling with…

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Sexual Soul Mates [poetry]

The memory of our sexual union is a constant temptation to me You’re ingrained in my body and soul We are forged from the loins of the gods Sexual soul mates I remembered you the first moment I felt your Strong hands upon my soft, pale naked skin I cannot forget your touch, it is etched in my memory Pure sensual and sexual perfection together as one This is the only way we can be together Consummating our lust and desire for each other For only a few stolen hours…

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