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I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right

rise /rīz/   verb 1. move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up. “the tiny aircraft rose from the ground”   noun 1. an upward movement; an instance of becoming higher. “the bird has a display flight of steep flapping rises”     I’m officially on vacation from work until January 4th. I’m still waiting for that fact to connect in my brain. All I keep thinking of are the deadlines approaching the week I return to work, causing me to stress and wonder if I should work…

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Masochistic Tendencies

I want to rip my chest open and pull out my heart. I want the feeling center of my brain to stop. I just want to be numb. The people I interact with day-to-day have no idea of the complete fuck up I am. Or if they are aware, they sure do a great job and keep it to themselves. I live with extremes in my mind every day. Today it is just amplified.  It’s all part of the sickness within me. I know this. The demons I’ve conquered are banging…

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