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Dirty Illusions – Strip Club Rewind Two Years Later

A world of false illusions, fantasies, and lies; the confining walls of the strip club was the perfect place for me to hide.   I could be anyone I wanted to – a fantasy in my mind. For seven years, it gave me the escape I needed from reality, and most of all, myself. I do believe that this is part of the allure of strip clubs, aside from the obvious sexual titillation. I wonder how many of the girls that strip away their dignity and souls are living a…

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musings on the fly 

Cry Baby, Cry

I woke up this morning and cried. To be honest, I really don’t know why. It was a deep, hearty and physical cry. My entire body felt the earthquake of it and my emotions blew over me like a hurricane. My body and soul must have needed to purge itself of toxins.   Thoughts flood me with my past when cries like this come out of nowhere. I do my best not to get caught in the rushing waters of the rewind.   A few remnants of my past sometimes wash…

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Art Tragic Beauty 

The Girl Who Waited [Tragic Beauty]

I can remember watching the Sci-fi show Doctor Who on PBS as a child; it mesmerized and pulled me in, even if for only a few minutes at a time. I was too young at the time to understand the different re-generations of The Doctor. When the BBC decided to start filming episodes again, I became a lifelong fan in no time.  My favorite Doctor, as most people these days, is the tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant. The eleventh Doctor, brought to colorful life by Matt Smith, is a very close…

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