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Dirty Illusions – Strip Club Rewind Two Years Later

A world of false illusions, fantasies, and lies; the confining walls of the strip club was the perfect place for me to hide.   I could be anyone I wanted to – a fantasy in my mind. For seven years, it gave me the escape I needed from reality, and most of all, myself. I do believe that this is part of the allure of strip clubs, aside from the obvious sexual titillation. I wonder how many of the girls that strip away their dignity and souls are living a…

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Identifying The Strip Club Queen Bee

  Learn how to recognize the Strip Club Queen Bee in four easy steps.     • Step 1: Look for a bee larger than others in the hive. In the strip club world, this refers to the size of ego. The Queen Bee had one of the biggest egos – one that she always swore she didn’t have – that I have ever met. The Strip Club Queen Bee represents the epitome of narcissism; everyone from the owner to the employees and customers is deep under her spell. She…

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