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The Melancholies

This case of melancholies I’ve been experiencing has gripped me hard – it is trying to pull me down to dance in that all too familiar spiral tango again. Is it bad that I want to let it take over and run its course? Sometimes it only stays a few hours, but this time it’s lingering, nagging at me, catching me off guard. I can still somewhat function in my day-to-day life. Depression knocks at my door now and then to remind me it’s sticking around. It likes to surprise attack me…

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The Secret Lonely Girl

  She walks alone – always alone.    I’m sure you might have seen her before… Brazen, beautiful, eloquent, always smiling on the outside; she is but a tortured soul on the inside. A dark and tempestuous passion burns deep down inside of her.  She doesn’t understand the darkness and has tried to decipher it over the years. After many false translations and failed attempts, she has learned to accept it for what it is. Perhaps one day she will find a strong man daring and determined enough to help her unravel its…

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My Path to The Divine [Rebelle Society]

  I’ve been so scatterbrained this summer that this very personal piece of writing completely slipped past my radar! If you’ve ever found yourself questioning your spiritual path, then this piece might resonate within you. It has taken me years to find this center within and to be comfortable with it. I’ve taken a long and bumpy path, but have finally found my contentment – outside the confines of organized religion.  Finding My True Spiritual Path It’s all about following your heart and finding peace.  Doing no harm, fostering no ill-will towards…

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