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The Secret Lonely Girl

  She walks alone – always alone.    I’m sure you might have seen her before… Brazen, beautiful, eloquent, always smiling on the outside; she is but a tortured soul on the inside. A dark and tempestuous passion burns deep down inside of her.  She doesn’t understand the darkness and has tried to decipher it over the years. After many false translations and failed attempts, she has learned to accept it for what it is. Perhaps one day she will find a strong man daring and determined enough to help her unravel its…

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musings on the fly 

Summer Night Solitude

    I sit here in silence and solitude, watching the clouds make their journey across the sky. I am mesmerized by their ever changing beauty.   One looks like a heart.   I watch as it stretches and morphs bigger then smaller, passing ever so slowly through the sky. Eventually it dissolves into the other clouds and passes away. It is forever lost in the glow of a midsummer sunset – mixing, mingling and now forming into other shapes. Other dreamers like me will see what they need to from these beauteous…

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