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The Secret Lonely Girl

  She walks alone – always alone.    I’m sure you might have seen her before… Brazen, beautiful, eloquent, always smiling on the outside; she is but a tortured soul on the inside. A dark and tempestuous passion burns deep down inside of her.  She doesn’t understand the darkness and has tried to decipher it over the years. After many false translations and failed attempts, she has learned to accept it for what it is. Perhaps one day she will find a strong man daring and determined enough to help her unravel its…

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dodging a bullet relationships life relationships 

Dodging a Bullet

  Have you ever had your heart broken?   I’m sure you have at least once or twice; it’s the worst feeling in the world isn’t it? I’ve had more than my share of heartbreak over the years. It’s such an all-consuming feeling and nothing can stop the pain; especially when it’s the heartbreak of a broken relationship with someone you loved. The heartbreak of an ended relationship is hard to cope with for anyone. That heartache and pain make you work your way through the stages of grief as…

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