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You Bastard! 25 songs about lying & cheating

Ever been lied to? Cheated on? Totally crushed and heartbroken because of someone’s carelessness with your heart and feelings? Then this mixtape playlist is for you!    I’ve revisited and (over) evaluated some of my horrible past (so-called) relationships this week. I thought about rating them worst to best, but it seems they all fall on the same line of deception, heartbreak, and stupidity (on my part), so that is pointless.   So instead, I opted for a killer mixtape playlist with songs about lying filled with anger, rage, and…

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The Perfect Lusty Summer Read! [book review – Indie Chicks]

 *WARNING: This article contains sexually explicit material.   “My name is Chrystal Rose and I’m a cheating bitch. I’m not the first woman to cheat and I won’t be the last. I’m just one of the few who’ll admit to it. Forget what you think you know about cheaters. You think once we are, we always are. You think it’s all about sex. You think we’re whores. Maybe we are. Maybe we’re just looking for the right one, the right one to keep us faithful. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe…

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Lies, Liars and Lying [elephant journal]

Nobody likes a liar – yet the funny thing is we are all guilty of lying at one time or another in our lives. Everybody lies – that is a now famous line of Dr. House from the now defunct, yet very popular TV show, House, MD. My latest piece on elephant journal is all about lies – from our tender beginnings of hearing lies and when we first start to tell them to how they’ve become an almost necessity in life for our own sanity and survival. I hope you…

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