My Path to The Divine [Rebelle Society]

  I’ve been so scatterbrained this summer that this very personal piece of writing completely slipped past my radar! If you’ve ever found yourself questioning your spiritual path, then this piece might resonate within you. It has taken me years to find this center within and to be comfortable with it. I’ve taken a long and bumpy path, but have finally found my contentment – outside the confines of organized religion.  Finding My True Spiritual Path It’s all about following your heart and finding peace.  Doing no harm, fostering no ill-will towards…

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Saint Rita: A Return of Spirituality

    During March 2011, I spent two wondrous weeks on a solo trip to Italy.   I stayed in a quaint hotel located inside this little Italian woman’s home in the heart of Rome, moments away from the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Barberini.   Rome is a city rich in religion and faith; in fact, if you can quiet your mind from all the hustle and bustle of this popular tourist destination in Europe, I’m sure you can hear the voice of God.   Amid the ancient ruins, tons of…

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