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Brooding Burgundy & The Melancholies

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but this time of year always forces me back inside myself to think and contemplate life and its many complexities. Fall is my absolute favorite season, yet with this amazingly colorful season comes what I like to call The Melancholies.  This year especially, I fear the ever pending winter months ahead. I think back to not so long ago when my dreaded enemy, Depression, had me in its wicked and relentless grip, refusing to release me. I even resorted to going back on head…

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#Fatshaming gone viral [Tattooed Buddha]

  Earlier this week, my first piece went live on The Tattooed Buddha – Fat Shaming is Real. This is my response to the viciously cruel words of Nicole Arbour in her #DearFatPeople video. She makes no apologies for the shameful and bitter words she said – even when confronted with it on The View earlier this week. She sees nothing wrong with what she said and claims it was made in satire.  Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC had the absolute BEST response to Ms. Arbour’s…

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New Moon Transition

I love this transitional time of year – the one between summer and autumn. During this magical time of year, here in Ohio we can experience days from 90 degrees with 89% humidity to 65 degrees and crisp cool winds the next. You really have to have tough skin to live in Ohio, especially winters in Northern Ohio. The sunlight percentage is so low that most everyone experiences a Vitamin D deficiency, particularly from November to late March. This is why late August through mid-September is one of my favorite times of…

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You Bastard! 25 songs about lying, cheating and heartbreak

Ever been lied to?   Cheated on?   Totally crushed and heartbroken because of someone’s carelessness with your heart and feelings?     Then this mix tape playlist is for you!    I’ve revisited and (over) evaluating some of my horrible past (so-called) relationships this week. I thought about rating them worst to best, but it seems they all fall on the same line of deception, heartbreak and stupidity (on my part), so that is pointless. So instead, I opted for a killer mix tape playlist filled with anger, rage,…

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First Day of School or Right Bus, Wrong Time

It’s that wonderful time of year again when most adults start to feel a bit of freedom in the air and a tremendous weight off their minds  – yes, it is back to school time for the kiddos. For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed is wallpapered with friend’s photos of their kids first day of school for the new school year. Some kids come back with awesome stories of their first day back and others not so good. I ran across one a good friend of mine posted yesterday about…

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