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New Moon Transition

I love this transitional time of year – the one between summer and autumn. During this magical time of year, here in Ohio we can experience days from 90 degrees with 89% humidity to 65 degrees and crisp cool winds the next. You really have to have tough skin to live in Ohio, especially winters in Northern Ohio. The sunlight percentage is so low that most everyone experiences a Vitamin D deficiency, particularly from November to late March. This is why late August through mid-September is one of my favorite times of…

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life relationships 

Cynical Optimist – Thought Catalog

My words can now be found on Thought Catalog! I am a cynical optimist – the ultimate oxymoron. To find out exactly what I’m talking about, please check out my article Cynical About Love, But I’m Forever an Optimist on Thought Catalog. As always, your thoughts, comments and opinions are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Lots of love & light to you all!  

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