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Cynical Optimist – Thought Catalog

My words can now be found on Thought Catalog! I am a cynical optimist – the ultimate oxymoron. To find out exactly what I’m talking about, please check out my article Cynical About Love, But I’m Forever an Optimist on Thought Catalog. As always, your thoughts, comments and opinions are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Lots of love & light to you all!  

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Giancarlo: Italian Mama’s Raise Their Sons Well

Time seemed to crawl waiting for nine o’clock to arrive. Giancarlo was going to take me sightseeing in the heart of historic Rome; at least that’s what he had told me earlier. I was anxious; if he showed, that would be great, I enjoyed his company earlier that day – if he was a no-show I would be fine, after all I was in Rome, what could be better? I had the window open whenever I was in my room; it was an older building and could get stuffy in…

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Some Kind of…?

(Revised and edited 12/30/13) The first relationship I had with a narcissist, aside from the Mom-ster, started my senior year of high school, in 1990. It really wasn’t a relationship by any stretch of the imagination and was dysfunctional in almost every way. It started out as a mere flirtation between JD and I. We had been friends all through our school years. JD had this air of confidence, a witty sense of humor, always dressed very well and we liked a lot of the same things. He was also completely unavailable,…

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