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Cynical Optimist – Thought Catalog

My words can now be found on Thought Catalog! I am a cynical optimist – the ultimate oxymoron. To find out exactly what I’m talking about, please check out my article Cynical About Love, But I’m Forever an Optimist on Thought Catalog. As always, your thoughts, comments and opinions are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Lots of love & light to you all!  

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Cynical Bitch [Poetry]

I’ve taken the skid from hopeful romantic to cynical bitch; it’s so much easier to go through life without the burden of sappy emotions. Love… It’s almost illusive. Aloof. I am my own best friend and love of my life. No one could possibly fathom the depth Of my emotions I don’t think I will ever find a man that can truly handle All that I Am. Disappointments are a thing of the past for me With this new voice and attitude towards love and relationships. I don’t buy into…

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