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Normality is conformity But what is normal?   This is all I can recall off the top of my head of a poem I wrote back in high school. Unfortunately, my poems and writings from those days are forever lost on a 5 1/4” floppy disk formatted to the classic Macintosh computers of the late 1980’s. I wrote that poem in response to Mom-ster, along with the administrators and select teachers in high school that tried to get me to be “normal” and conform to their standards.   I knew…

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Cynical Bitch [Poetry]

I’ve taken the skid from hopeful romantic to cynical bitch; it’s so much easier to go through life without the burden of sappy emotions. Love… It’s almost illusive. Aloof. I am my own best friend and love of my life. No one could possibly fathom the depth Of my emotions I don’t think I will ever find a man that can truly handle All that I Am. Disappointments are a thing of the past for me With this new voice and attitude towards love and relationships. I don’t buy into…

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