Cynical Bitch [Poetry]


I’ve taken the skid from

hopeful romantic

to cynical bitch;

it’s so much easier to go through life

without the burden of

sappy emotions.


It’s almost illusive.


I am my own best friend and

love of my life.

No one could possibly fathom the depth

Of my emotions

I don’t think I will ever find

a man

that can truly handle

All that I Am.

Disappointments are a thing of the past for me

With this new voice and attitude

towards love and relationships.

I don’t buy into the illusion –

Delusion –

that there is someone out there

for everyone.

Dean-o sang about

You’re nobody ‘til somebody loves you –

Crock of shit.

I just want a warm body lying

next to mine

once in a while

maybe even on top of me

or below me

depending on my mood

But I don’t need the hassle of emotions

Right now at least…

Maybe someday.


Will it ever come?

Until then I walk alone

Solo – this I am used to…

But I am never