Brooding Burgundy & The Melancholies


I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but this time of year always forces me back inside myself to think and contemplate life and its many complexities.


Fall is my absolute favorite season, yet with this amazingly colorful season comes what I like to call The Melancholies

This year especially, I fear the ever pending winter months ahead.

I think back to not so long ago when my dreaded enemy, Depression, had me in its wicked and relentless grip, refusing to release me. I even resorted to going back on head meds – albeit that was a very short time under their spell due to the cost of the medication.

I finally beat my unbearable adversary Depression and his close friend Anxiety with self-therapy of music and meditation. I still have minor battles with both, but alone I can conquer each of them – it’s when they join forces I find myself at my weakest.

brooding burgundy hairTo bring some joy into my life, I took my big $10 winnings from my sales meeting at work to Target and spent it all on a box of Feria hair color in Violet Vixen. Since my hair had some red leftover from my last coloring, the violet combined to make a stunning burgundy color – Brooding Burgundy I like to call it. It fits my mood and is a good way to describe myself during autumn.

As part of my fall ritual, I always prepare a Fall Mood playlist, which is always filled with songs that have a more somber sound. Songs of longing, unrequited love, and loss make up most of the themes in my Fall Mood playlist – and almost always are by classic alternative artists, with a few ambient, new age style artists thrown in to help with the mood. 

It’s been the subject of scientific studies that listening to somber and even depressing music can, in fact, help you overcome those emotions. For me, especially, the music feeds and brings more creative ideas into my mind. 

This is a power packed 50 song playlist with greats like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Peter Murphy, Siouxsie, Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave, plus so much more. So light up a clove cigarette (or vape it, like I do now), queue up this playlist and get ready for a musical journey into The Melancholies. 



brooding burgundy


Fall Mood 2015

click above for YouTube playlist


  1. En Zum – Cirque du Soleil
  2. Love Song for a Vampire – Annie Lennox
  3. Whiter Shade of Pale – Sarah Brightman
  4. Porcelain – Moby
  5. Nothing’s Impossible – Depeche Mode
  6. A Strange Kind of Love – Peter Murphy
  7. One More Time – The Cure
  8. The Last Beat of My Heart – Siouxsie & the Banshees
  9. Possession – Sarah McLaughlin
  10. Milk – Garbage
  11. Fade into You – Mazzy Star
  12. Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies
  13. I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You – Tom Waits
  14. Into My Arms – Nick Cave
  15. I Don’t Need a Hero – Concrete Blonde
  16. Linger – The Cranberries
  17. Lonely in Your Nightmare – Duran Duran
  18. Principles of Lust – Enigma
  19. The Carnival is Over – Dead Can Dance
  20. Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil
  21. Angel – Massive Attack
  22. Karma Police – Radiohead
  23. Wonderwall – Oasis
  24. Let Me Love You – Peter Murphy
  25. Down By The Water – P J Harvey
  26. Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush
  27. Feel So Different – Sinead O’Connor 
  28. Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins
  29. One – U2
  30. Ailein Duinn – Karen Matheson
  31. I Will Find You – Clannad
  32. Only Time – Enya
  33. Sweet Lullaby – Deep Forest
  34. Deliver Me – Sarah Brightman
  35. Nothing Else Matters – Gregorian
  36. The Mummers Dance – Loreena McKennitt
  37. No Ordinary Love – Sade
  38. Why – Annie Lennox
  39. Wonderful – Adam Ant
  40. Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister
  41. I Drove All Night – Cyndi Lauper
  42. My Immortal – Evanescence
  43. Wicked Game – Chris Issac
  44. Alison – Elvis Costello
  45. It’s No Good – Depeche Mode
  46. Love You To Death – Type O Negative
  47. Coma White – Marilyn Manson
  48. Something I Can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails
  49. Same Deep Water As You – The Cure
  50. (I’ll Love You) Til the End of the World – Nick Cave