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Forgiveness [poetry]

                  Sometimes you think you know someone But the someone you know Is a LiE   For years Blinded ToNs of LieS & DeCeiT   Then one day You open your eyes to The TruTh & it is blinding almost consuming & you feel as if you are going to die with the iLLuSioN & the hand that grabs you back up into ReALitY is your own   [ForGivEneSS]   I’ve come to realize WaiTinG for an apology from any of them…

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Sexual Soul Mates [poetry]

The memory of our sexual union is a constant temptation to me You’re ingrained in my body and soul We are forged from the loins of the gods Sexual soul mates I remembered you the first moment I felt your Strong hands upon my soft, pale naked skin I cannot forget your touch, it is etched in my memory Pure sensual and sexual perfection together as one This is the only way we can be together Consummating our lust and desire for each other For only a few stolen hours…

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Cynical Bitch [Poetry]

I’ve taken the skid from hopeful romantic to cynical bitch; it’s so much easier to go through life without the burden of sappy emotions. Love… It’s almost illusive. Aloof. I am my own best friend and love of my life. No one could possibly fathom the depth Of my emotions I don’t think I will ever find a man that can truly handle All that I Am. Disappointments are a thing of the past for me With this new voice and attitude towards love and relationships. I don’t buy into…

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