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Children + Facebook = Asking for Trouble

  I love Facebook and all forms of social media.   Building my author platform has never been easier thanks to this advancement in technology. I write something, click and share. People can then click on the link and read my musings. Easy shameless self-promotion at its best.  Social media has made so many things like news, photos from events and a view into each other’s lives easy and instantly accessible. Snap a photo, upload and BAM! – instant gratification. This instant gratification also includes sick people waiting to prey…

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Car Blasting Tunes – 70’s & 80’s Rock

Springtime. It’s that glorious time of year once again where it is warm enough to roll your windows down in your car (does anyone actually roll windows down anymore?), turn the car stereo up loudly and sing to your hearts content. In my opinion, there is no activity better than this to de-stress and feel happy – even if for just a few hours.  I started making this playlist and realized it was too long, so I decided to divide it up into categories. The first installment features rock songs of the 70’s and 80’s…

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I Was a Teenage Duranie life Mixtape music 

Wild Boys! – 15+ Duran Duran masterpieces

    Recently I had a Duranie request a mix tape playlist of Duran Duran songs that I love. This was a very difficult task because how can one choose just 15 songs from such an extensive, awesome and amazing song catalog?! Challenge accepted! I took to the task and came up with a random order 15 song playlist with 2 bonus tracks (who doesn’t love bonus tracks?!)  I could have made a 50+ track playlist with no problem, but here you go “Jimi Duranie” – I hope you enjoy this…

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