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Children + Facebook = Asking for Trouble

  I love Facebook and all forms of social media.   Building my author platform has never been easier thanks to this advancement in technology. I write something, click and share. People can then click on the link and read my musings. Easy shameless self-promotion at its best.  Social media has made so many things like news, photos from events and a view into each other’s lives easy and instantly accessible. Snap a photo, upload and BAM! – instant gratification. This instant gratification also includes sick people waiting to prey…

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Red Pens: Correct the Mistake

I am beyond upset.   I’ve been reading Glenn Beck’s book, Arguing With Idiots, and I always seem to get stuck on the Education chapter. I get sick to my stomach reading about the so-called “progressive education” system. One thing in particular that’s really got me livid is the whole “red pen” debacle. For those of you that do not know, a lot of teachers are no longer using red pens to grade papers; red is “too harsh” and instead they use “soothing colors like purple.” What the hell?! Soothing?!…

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